The Company

Our Philosophy

Our main aim is to create products that are user friendly and products that does not harm Man, Woman, Child, Pet and the Environment.

Whilst environmental friendly Cleaning products are standard practice in most international markets, there is no range in Sri Lanka. We also want to promote this new brand of environmentally friendly products as in the long run it will extend human life. With the chemical based products that are available in the market now, the fear surrounding the after effects does not exist because our product is 100% natural and does the job with no damage to Us or Mother Nature.

Our brand ECOCLEAN is manufactured with the intent of helping in the protection of the environment. Pure Life ventured into this sector with collaboration from World Renowned Partners to introduce ECOCLEAN which has passed the most demanding tests and standards, and has come out on top with the cleanest and purest bill of health amongst all the chemical based products in the market as one of a kind, eco friendly and safe to use product.

The Reasons that you should Try Our Product:

  • Pure Life Eco Clean uses Colloid Technology to effectively clean at the molecular level by breaking down all fats, oil and dirt to their chemical components but without any chemical reaction.

  • Colloid technology has been developed from the expanding field of nanotechnology that utilizes molecules to deliver certain properties.

  • One of these properties is the ability of certain colloids to repel others. This means that Pure Life Eco Clean Products are able to breakdown the substances they react with without leaving any residue.

  • Our Product also has some very interesting facts that are actually worthy to note:

    • Ingredients used are derived from natural components.
    • They bio-degrade rapidly with no residue.
    • Non toxic on atmosphere and retains the quality of air.
    • Disposal of the used solutions protects aquatic life.
    • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as phosphates, nitrates, NTA, sulfates, suffocates, caustics.
    • They are guaranteed for the safety of humans & animals.
    • The product is maximized with international environment standards.