Why eco-clean is the future

How and Why Eco Clean is the Best and Only Product we should use:

From the moment we are born we are surrounded by chemicals. Most of them we can’t see – but they exist and are all around us. They are all around us and they make the human body susceptible to various diseases, sicknesses and skin conditions. They are used to create the plastic bottles we drink from, they are also in the products we use to keep our houses, offices clean in the cleaning materials we use, in the washing powder we use to wash our clothes, dish wash liquid, pantry cleaner and wash room cleaner. We basically live and breathe chemicals.

But chemicals leave a nasty residue that can be absorbed by the skin. Our skin, our baby’s skin as well as our pets. And that residue builds up over time and can cause some nasty problems. That’s why we knew we had to provide a solution. Which is why we created Eco Clean. The NEW range of completely safe cleaning products that contain ingredients derived from 100% natural sources. Just pure ingredients blended to create the ultimate in eco-friendly cleaning products.


The Downfall of the way Chemicals enter Our System and how it Injures Our Body. 

There are 3 ways that chemicals can enter our bodies:

1.         Inhalation

2.         Absorption through skin

3.         Ingestion.

As many of us, having been exposed to a diverse range of chemicals over the years, will have absorbed them through breathing, touching or ingesting them – and they have built up in our bodies.

Scientific research has established links between the chemical in our bodies and a wide range of serious and often fatal illnesses. Consider cancer caused by smoking – a prime example –  but there are many others including: Asthma, Cancer, Cardiac Damage, Respiratory Tract Infection, Liver & Kidney Damage, Nervous System Damage, Severe Allergies with symptoms like headaches, burning eyes, skin rashes, runny nose, and fatigue.

The impact that synthetic chemicals have on the environment has also been the subject of investigation for decades. We are some way from understanding the full impact on our environment of the hundreds of synthetic chemicals that are used in cleaning, cosmetics and personal care products but there is, however, clear evidence that ecosystems are being adversely affected.

A number of these chemicals have also been found to be highly toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms.


How and Why Eco Clean is the Best and Only Product we should use:

We cater to all sectors of the human cycle.


We are Kid safe - Our BABY laundry and other cleaning products are created with care to lift & remove stubborn stains, dirt, and grease. Our unique formula contains plant-derived cleaning agents and works well in both hot and cold water with anti-bacterial effects to kill germs instantly. Because they will not cause toxic build up in drains or sewers and there is no chemical build up in the water table. Tube wells are perfectly safe. Because of natural ingredients it won’t harm infants. We all know that kids will try to drink anything and petroleum based household products cause more poisonings than any other – especially in children. That’s why our products are safe around children.


We are Pet safe - Animals, like kids, are inquisitive and will try anything if it smells or looks good.
This makes them more vulnerable to toxic poisoning, which could result in serious illness or death because many household cleaners contain a chemical called formaldehyde which could cause severe irritation to our pet's eyes, throat and skin. Many other ingredients included in cleaning products can also have a severe effect on pets of all kinds. But Eco Clean products are manufactured by using eco friendly ingredients which are safe for pets.


We are also Food safe - Many chemicals can accidentally come into contact with food or kitchen utensils. But if you use Eco Clean products, there will be no cross-contamination because all the ingredients are perfectly natural and easy rinse. So, it’s safe to use on crockery, pans, glasses, work surfaces, cutlery, table tops and other items or areas where food is prepared or eaten. It’s also safe to use without further rinsing when used in recommended dilution.


We are Wash safe - Because our products are manufactured using ingredients derived from natural components, there is no chemical residue to remain on them after washing. This means that anyone with a skin allergy will not be irritated by chemicals. And, because there are no harsh chemicals that can also breakdown the fibers in our clothing, you’ll find that your clothes retain their freshness for longer. An added benefit is that they all work equally well in cold or hot water meaning you can save on high priced electricity too and that means they can be used either in manual washing or machine.


We are Bathroom safe - The bathroom is probably next to the kitchen as an area where grease and dirt can accumulate and cause us, our children and our pets’ hidden dangers. But with natural ingredients there’s no chlorine to leave a lasting odor, no bleach to reduce the color of your bathroom porcelain and no chemicals to destroy chrome fittings. Our specially formulated bathroom cleaner will keep toilets, showers and hand basins sparking clean and, more importantly, totally safe.